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    Top Quality Raw Materials
    Smooth Surface And Cut
    Sturdy And Compact Internal Structure

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    We offer you the most favorable price on the guarantee of providing you with high quality products 

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    The real services start from after sale

  • Swing Rope

    Factory new research experimental swing rope, 8 strands braided swing rope. Usage: outdoor recreation ground. PE swing rope is strong and durable.

  • China Factory

    Apr 19th, 2022 Expansion plant, new small rope equipment into 5, ( 2mm-8mm) output increased to 2000kg/ day. Welcome to visit and cooperate with every boss.

  • PE Prices Rise

    Since Apr 1, 2022. Polyethylene prices began to rise, although the inertial at the weekend to 930000 tons of high, the macroeconomic, linear futures rose, petrochemical enterprises for the market entities expectations, the more the and the beginning of the sales pressure, began to actively raised...

  • Mooring tools

    The choice of mooring line connector solution often depends on the installation method and processing issues that arise in the deployment scenario. The type of connector used on the tail roll of the AHV may be different from that used for installation via crane barge. The use of pretensioning met...

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Yantai Dongyuan Plastic Products  Co., Ltd  was established in 1999 ,it is an industry and trade integration enterprise,approved by national related departments. The factory covers an area of 10000 square meters with more than 20years of experience in rope production .

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